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LearnSafe is a webinar for parents, caregivers, and the many people being hired to care for children in varied remote learning settings. This training covers the importance of communication between parents and the people that are watching their children regarding COVID safety, House Rules, Technology Safety and Sexual Abuse Prevention.  Education is the best prevention. Setting up safety guidelines supports a successful learning environment. 

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CampSafe - Educated Staff Equals Safer Camps

CampSafe is a child sexual abuse prevention training for day and overnight camps. Endorsed by the American Camp Association, this innovative eLearn training is a proactive approach to prevention. CampSafe includes an eLearn course for directors as well as a specific one hour training for all staff. The training is to be taken prior to arriving at camp in summer 2021. For more information

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eLearn for Educators eLearn for Educators

The KidSafe eLearn for Educators provides a strong foundation in sexual abuse prevention and response for all staff. The program covers: how to recognize children at risk for abuse, professional protocols, exact mandated reporting procedures and how to respond to disclosure. KidSafe educates on how to reinforce the use of KidSafe Prevention skills at schools, and much more. This professional development seminar empowers educators with awareness and skills which can be integrated to their everyday classroom management to best keep children safe.

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NEW!! Heathcare Professional eLearn Training for Sexual Abuse Prevention

This eLearn training provides healthcare professionals foundational knowledge about child sexual abuse (CSA), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), prevention, recognition, response to disclosure and reporting. With over 42 million adult survivors of CSA in the US and 1 of 10 children being sexually abused before their 18th birthday it is imperative that healthcare professional have the skills and knowledge to address present and past abuse of their clients.

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KidSafe for Parents KidSafe for Parents

KidSafe for Parents, presently being offered through zoom, preovides a safe space to empower parents with knowloedge and skills to prevent child sexual abuse. Child Sexual Abuse is scary - Teaching Your Children Personal Safety doesn't have to be. The focus of the seminar is integrating personal safety skills into everyday parenting. The goal is to raise independent, resilient children who know that they can come to their parents to talk about anything.

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